Planning in France

planning permission in France, permis de construire, declaration prealable, DDE, get planning permission in France, French planning system, planning drawings, demande de permis de construireIf you want to carry out building work in France you will usually need planning permission. You will also need to be sure that any land or property you plan to buy is likely to be approved for the development you have in mind.

The route to getting planning permission in France is relatively straightforward but can seem to be a confusing maze at first sight. Before you embark on applying for planning permission in France, some background research is essential.

You will come across terms such as ‘surface de plancher’, ‘Monument Historique’, ‘RT2012’ and so on, all of which may have an impact on whether your planning application is approved or not.

It is perfectly possible to manage this yourself if you understand French and have some technical drawing skills. But if you lack the time or the inclination, I am happy to be of help. Please click here to see details of my French planning permission service.