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planning permission advice in France

New 150m2 threshold for French architects on planning permission

Since the 7th of July 2016 there has been new planning permission legislation in France, as part of the art, culture, heritage and architecture law no. 2016-925, the “loi LCAP”.

Article 82 of this law states that all building projects in France of 150m2 and over will require an architect to draw up and submit the ‘demande de permis de construire’ (planning application). The previous law set this threshold at 170m2 and this is still current until the new law comes into practice on 1st March 2017.

So if you are planning a building or renovation project in France, note that if the total floor area on all floors is 150m2 or over (excluding garages, stairwells, areas under 1.8 metres ceiling height and unconverted attics and cellars), you will need to employ an architect to design and sign off your planning permission application. If you would prefer to prepare and submit the planning application yourself, you will need to keep the floor area under 150m2.

Planning permission help in France

Are you stuck in a rut with planning for your renovation or building project? Have you come across a problem or are you simply overwhelmed with other responsibilities that stop you from ploughing ahead?

I may be able to help you!

I have a good grounding in the French planning system, gathered over the past three years during which I have obtained planning permission for many clients.

In 2013 I took on my first professional clients, who were so busy they simply couldn’t find time to pick up their planning application again after it stalled when the DDT requested more details. I took their basic floor plan sketches and their first application documents away with me and then developed a full set of plans from their dimensions, as well all other supporting documentation. I also visited the CAUE on their behalf and got architectural advice on their plans. A few weeks later, I went with my client to the local Mairie and handed in the paperwork – and a month later the planning permission landed on their doormat. Simple!

The clients were very happy with the service. You can read their testimonial and others here.

I have since obtained planning permission in France for many more clients and would be delighted to hear from you if you have a project you would like to discuss.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for an initial discussion. I will always be honest about whether I can help you or whether you require an architect or a legal adviser for your project.

Hannah Durrant
January 2016